The Post Office and Google Digital Garage Drop-Ins

In June, during Festival of Learning week, 100% Digital Leeds partnered with Post Office Broadband and Google Digital Garage to launch the first of six free digital drop-ins around the country aimed at helping boost people’s digital skills and confidence.

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The Post Office and Google Digital Garage Drop-Ins took place in the cities that were revealed to be the least digitally confident; Plymouth (31%), Cardiff (28%), Leeds (27%), Norwich (25%) and Belfast (25%) and Southampton (23%). Workshops were held as 121 sessions and group workshops, covering topics such as ‘Device Advice’, ‘Staying Safe Online’ and ‘Getting Started online.’ Workshops were free and open to anyone who wants to take part to grow their confidence online. Google trainers were on hand to help learners and answer any questions, as well as staff from the Post Office and us at 100% Digital Leeds.

“Thank you for being so patient with me, I’ve really learned a lot about using computers and the internet today and feel like with a bit more work I’ll get there.”

Maxine, event attendee

This collaboration with Google Digital Garage and Post Office Broadband was a high profile event that helped raise awareness of the 100% Digital Leeds movement.

The event attracted over thirty attendees, ranging from absolute beginners to people who wanted to learn how to use Microsoft Office for employment purposes, or find out about accessibility settings to make their online experience more user-friendly, or stay connected by learning how to use social media. We used Festival of Learning, the week of the event, to launch our transition to the Learn My Way platform, and many attendees worked their way through the modules during the course of the event.

We also had bloggers in attendance from across the North of England and there was a real buzz on social media as well as in the room, with several tweets making close to 2,000 impressions each. Take a look at what local blogger Mama Mei had to say about the event.

There is a clear need for increased digital awareness, skills and access in Leeds, and this event was a great way to build momentum and capacity, and to draw attention to our cause.

This event took place on Friday 22 June, 10am-1pm, Leeds Central Library