Tablet Lending at St George’s Crypt

St George’s Crypt are a Leeds charity working with the homeless, the vulnerable and those suffering from addiction. They offer their service users food, residences and showers, as well as advice and support. They have a range of social enterprises offering development and training opportunities to their homeless and vulnerable clients.

St George’s Crypt joined the Tablet Lending Scheme in mid-June 2018, borrowing 15 iPads to support digital inclusion for those who have been excluded from or are unable to access the online world due to various circumstances. They put the tablets to use across the charity with staff, volunteers and clients developing their digital skills across a range of online services.

Uses so far include digitising café administration tasks, supporting service users to access search for jobs and housing and access council services, helping service users reconnect with family, and supporting social enterprise staff to upskill and gain qualifications.

John’s Story

John (not real name) can’t read or write, has no support worker and, after his mother died, had very little support engaging with various systems. When he needs repairs on his house he has to navigate the council website, when his benefits were sanctioned he had to access the DWP website, he needed to contact Citizens Advice online.

We have worked with him, supporting him to use the pictorial repair portal on the council website, contacting and complaining to DWP, making an appointment with Citizens Advice. The tablets have made this engagement seamless, allowed him to make services aware of his complex needs and work to restore benefits and fix his property. He is now using the tablet to keep appointments, book and engage with community projects and booking theatre tickets!

Sharon’s Story

Sharon (not real name) has severe dyslexia and mental and physical health issues that require frequent trips to hospital. She has memory issues. She is using the tablets to check the time, check bus timetables to plan travel to and from our site to St James and LGI. The tablets have meant that she is making her appointments, getting the treatment she needs and, is not being sanctioned for missing appointments.

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