Housing Leeds Community Days August 2018

100% Digital Leeds are committed to trying to give everybody in Leeds the chance to engage with digital technology and get online to improve their health and wellbeing.  We’ve also got a focus on housing tenants within Leeds and working within the most digitally excluded wards, so when Housing Leeds asked if we’d like to attend their schedule of community days it was a no-brainer.

These days were a chance to bring the local community together and have some fun at the same time.  We set out our stalls accordingly and brought with us something for all the family.  We had a Sphero (a remote-controlled robot) maze to navigate using an iPad, an iSays memory game and the classic game Pacman with a twist – using a Makey-Makey device we had rigged up a laptop to use bananas instead of arrow keys.  Everyone had a great time trying to get their names on the leaderboards.

Whilst the kids (and some of the adults!) played, we talked to the parents and adults about local facilities where they can get online, volunteering opportunities and what would motivate them to improve their digital skills.  We got lots of useful feedback and everyone had a great time whilst spreading the word about the 100% Digital Leeds campaign.

We also spoke to many other organisations that attended the events about how they could join the movement, the benefits of becoming an Online Centre, our tablet lending scheme and recruiting digital champions.  We’ll be working with some of them on various projects around digital inclusion and we’re always open to new opportunities to help give people the confidence and skills to get online and save themselves time and money.

The events we attended were Cottingley Community Day, Seacroft Community Day, Bramley Festival, Bawns & Heights Community Day and Hunslet Community Day.  We had a great time across all of them and engaged with hundreds of people, helping them to improve their digital confidence and try something new.  We spend a lot of our time working with organisations so it is always good for us to have opportunities to directly engage with tenants and find out their needs first-hand.

Please contact us if you’ve got ideas on how we could work together or if you’d like to know more about how you can #JointheMovement and help us in our mission to bring digital opportunities to everyone in Leeds.