Tablet Lending at Connect In The North

Connect in the North borrowed some iPads as part of our tablet lending scheme. They used the tablets with the Pass it on People to develop their digital skills and confidence.

Connect in the North is a Centre for Inclusive Living led by people with learning difficulties and disabilities, helping them to have control of their own lives and equal power in the world. Through the Maze is a signposting and information service and is part of Connect in the North.  They share information with people with learning difficulties, family carers and professionals.  They do this through their website, advice line, drop-in sessions, meetings and the Pass it on People.  The Pass it on People are a group of people with learning difficulties who share information across the city.

Open Events for people with learning difficulties

All of the Pass it on People have been using iPads to post details of activities and initiatives to a Facebook group: Open Events for People with Learning Difficulties.  This was set up by Connect in the North to share events and groups in Leeds, encouraging more people with learning difficulties to socialise, make friends and try new activities.  The Pass it on People have also attended a workshop where they used the iPads to try vlogging and posted the results on social media.

“This is something we want to get better at and do more of. We think it will be a good way of sharing information with people with learning difficulties in Leeds.”

Sarah Wheatley, Trainer Consultant at Connect in the North

Some members of the group have used the iPads to start bidding on properties on the Leeds Homes website (one has been successful and is due to move next month after a year of bidding by phone) and one member, unsure of how he could get the most out of the iPad, attended a session with a Genius at the Apple Store. He even filmed the tutorial and shared what he learnt with Connect in the North.  He found the learning so helpful that he went back for a follow up session, and got details of how all of the Pass it on People could have a group session with Apple.

“I can look for things to do near me and I share them to groups on Facebook. I can also stay in touch with friends.”

George, Pass it on People


We are proud to be supporting people with learning difficulties and disabilities to stay connected and play an active part in the community. Each member of the Pass It On People completed Digital Champion training after borrowing iPads so they can spread the word, advocate the benefits of being online and help others take their first steps into a digital world.