Managing mental health during lockdown: how the Tablet Lending Scheme is helping Roderic

Roderic has no internet at home and would ordinarily get online at his local Library. As well as removing his means of getting online, lockdown has meant that Roderic has been unable to do many of the things that help him manage his mental health to feel and stay well.

Being able to borrow a 4G iPad from 100% Digital Leeds through Touchstone has meant that Roderic has been able to fill his time during lockdown with interesting and constructive activities that he would not otherwise have had access to: staying socially connected, learning new skills and taking part in meaningful activity all contribute greatly to his mental wellbeing.

As someone who lives alone Roderic was at risk of feeling isolated. Using Zoom has allowed Roderic to stay in touch with various people whilst unable to attend his usual social events and activities and to continue his work with the Leeds Mental Wellbeing Service Coproduction Network, Roderic has used his iPad to apply for jobs, check his personal e-mails and carry out research using the Wikipedia app.

Roderic’s digital skills have improved hugely in the short time he has had the iPad. He is now confident using and experimenting with the tablet by himself, without any guidance or supervision.