Our approach

100% Digital Leeds is a team leading the Council’s digital inclusion agenda.  We work to remove the barriers that prevent people from getting online, and work in partnership with communities to maximise and accelerate:

  • digital access and capacity within organisations
  • digital skills and confidence of their staff, volunteers, and service users
  • an awareness of the online world

We know that becoming digitally included can make a huge difference to the lives of the thousands of people in Leeds who are still offline.  Because digital inclusion isn’t about digital – it’s about inclusion, and it’s about people.  It’s about making sure that everyone can access all of the opportunities out there to live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Our role as a digital inclusion team takes us all over the city to start conversations about digital inclusion, and get people thinking about the ways to reduce the digital divide.

Our conversations with these groups do not focus on ‘digital’, they focus on people:  who are they, what are the important issues in their lives, what do they enjoy and what challenges do they face?  Our first priority is to listen and our second priority is to learn.  We spend time in communities, listening to people with lived experience of poverty, inequality and exclusion.  We work to build relationships based on trust, respect and understanding.

We offer Digital Champions training, access to our award-winning tablet lending scheme (for eligible community organisations), and help with access to funding and support.

Our volunteer programme

Some of our partner organisations that are part of the 100% Digital Leeds movement require more help than others.  This can range from building digital skills and confidence within an organisation to finding the right way to deliver those skills to the public.  This is where we welcome support from volunteers.

BT volunteers will be expected to work with our partner organisations to help their staff and volunteers to upskill, troubleshoot their technical problems, and transfer knowledge and tips that can increase the awareness of staff and volunteers.  Key attributes for volunteers are:

  • Strong people skills
  • Ability to listen
  • Knowledge to provide solutions that work to enhance their digital inclusion offer

If you are interested in taking up to this rewarding volunteering opportunity and contributing to a valuable programme of work, please complete our expression of interest form.  Please note, this applies to BT employees only.