Adore animals? Potty about plants? Curious about coding?
Leeds Libraries and Leeds Museums and Galleries are hosting a series of workshops to get hands on with our Natural Science collections and learn to code along the way. We are working with young people to expand our knowledge and skills to help save the planet using a Micro:bit as part of the BBC Do Your:bit Global Challenge.
We will submit projects to Micro:bit within February and young people will host their own hack during half term to inspire others. We will post updates via this page along the way.

Get in touch for further information.

Our first workshop took place on Saturday 2nd November with young people exploring light and colour through hands on sessions with Leeds Museum’s objects and Leeds Libraries books. Chameleons, moths, insects and big cats were featured and curators and librarians discussed the wonderful adaptations made by animals in order to live in their environments.

We then introduced the BBC micro:bit to the group. There were a few young people who had not coded before but after some support from librarians, curators and volunteers they were able code micro:bits to react to the light levels around them. More advanced coders looked at light and coded RGB lights and enviro:bit to signal danger or replicate animal camouflage. Our next session will be on Saturday 16 November and we will be looking at adaptions and skeletons.


Do Your:bit Hack sponsored by BJSS

Sat 22nd February 2020

Combine creativity and technology in solutions for the Global Goals!

Join Leeds Libraries and Leeds Museums and Galleries for our Do Your:bit hack. We want you to come up with innovative ways to use your micro:bit to help protect life on land and below water.
You can learn about the Goals, understand some of the problems facing our oceans and natural world and then get started developing ideas and solutions using technology. Hear from young people who have interacted with our natural science collections and have a go with the projects they have created over 6 workshops and then create your own!

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