Damasq have borrowed iPads via the 100% Digital Leeds Tablet Lending Scheme to trial different ways of incorporating digital inclusion into their delivery.


Damasq support refugees start their life in Leeds, helping them to develop their skills and confidence and settle independently in the city. They run activities for refugees and seniors together to allow faster integration and break down barriers within the community.

Additional language barriers

Many refugees struggle to use the internet because of the additional barrier of poor English language skills on top of low levels of digital literacy

Damasq have borrowed iPads through our Tablet Lending Scheme to support various initiatives designed to ensure that refugees have the skills they need to live independently in England. Borrowing equipment has allowed them to add a digital element to their ESOL classes, financial literacy sessions, Job Club, and Universal Credit support sessions.

Promoting independence

The tablets help learners to look up new words, follow step-by-step instructions to complete online applications, search for the best prices to save their family money, translate things into their own language rather than having an interpreter, and support women in searching for jobs that suits their skills.