Leeds Libraries Tech Talks

This is not a webinar, this is a sharing of ideas and a way to connect.

We want to make sure we stay connected to our community. This series of talks is perfect for people who want to find out more, get into tech and those who want to become the creators of digital.

We have invited experts from the Leeds digital and creative sectors. Each provide a unique perspective on the many possibilities available to us all through our connection with technology and working together.

Each talk also welcomes a librarian, sharing information about our many free resources available through #LibrariesFromHome leeds.gov.uk/libraries

Contact Claire.duffield@leeds.gov.uk to get involved

Our talks:

Ahead Partnership: Connecting Young People To The New World Of Work

Thursday 24 September 12.00

To launch our next set of talks we welcome Ahead Partnerships during Leeds Digital Festival

Ahead Partnership create opportunities for employers to support their communities, including the most hard-to-reach young people to raise their aspirations and prepare them for the world of work.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic young people have faced multiple new challenges. The latest studies show that 55% of under 25s feel that the pandemic has limited their options whilst experts predict the gap in achievement between the best- and worst-off young people could widen by up to 75%. Young people are often the worst hit by recession, and already we’re seeing the devastating impact the pandemic is having on their futures. To respond to the crucial need for intervention, and the challenges of hosting in-person events and activities with employers, we are accelerating and expanding our plans to use technology as a tool for engaging with young people.

Join us to hear more about how Ahead Partnership support for young people is adapting to reflect new ways of working, and about how we can all act now to shield young people from the huge challenges they face today

Natasha Sayce-Zelem: The Power of Human Skills and Networks

Natasha Sayce-Zelem is the head of technology at Sky and founder of ‘Empowering Women with Tech’. In this talk Natasha will discuss the importance of human skills and creating strong networks to showcase female role models working in digital media, science and technology.

Alison Millar, Reader and Culture Development Manager from Leeds Libraries will be on hand to discuss our #LibrariesFromHome resources including our online book club, free eBook and eMagazine service so you can browse a selection of books relating to the talk.

Lucy Moore: Gender Bias in Wikipedia

Everyone uses Wikipedia in their day-to-day lives, but there is a massive issue with its gender bias. 90% of editors are male, and of the total biographies on English Wikipedia only 18% are about women. Join Lucy from Leeds Museums & Galleries to discuss this bias, how it affects the information we receive and learn some simple steps to start to tackle gender bias on the sixth most popular website in the world. Local and

Family History Librarian Manager, Louise Birch shares Women’s History resources available at Leeds Libraries.  Including our Secret Library blog

Mentoring and careers in tech with Rebecca Craven

Rebecca is a marketing tutor for apprentices at Babington. Rebecca works with digital marketing apprentices, supporting them with developing their knowledge and understanding, as well as visiting them in the workplace and helping them to showcase the skills and competence they have acquired in their roles. Rebecca uses her experience to discuss mentoring and careers. Mentors can have a powerful impact on someone’s career development and well-being at work.  Have you thought about approaching someone to mentor you?  Have you thought about becoming someone’s mentor?  How could you set up your own mentoring relationship and how do they work ?

We are joined by Tracy Hopkinson, Librarian Manager for Leeds Libraries Business and IP Centre who showcases their excellent work in supporting business start ups and more.

Leadership Lessons from Real Life with Sally Bogg

Sally is a tea drinking, shoe loving, Yorkshire lass with a keen interest in service management, customer service, education technology and health technology. Sally is winner of the Business Role Model of the Year 2018, and Everywoman Team Leader of the Year 2019,  and is well known across the ITSM, Higher Education and Service Desk Industries. Having dropped out of school after becoming pregnant at the age of 17, Sally returned to education as a mature student, graduating from Leeds Beckett University  in 2006 with a degree in computing. Since then she has gone on to forge a successful career in IT and is currently working as Head of Live Service at NHS Digital after spending 15 years working in Higher Education. In this session Sally will share her career journey and provide insights into some of the challenges she has overcome as well as her top tips for a successful career in technology. 

We are joined by Sarah Liles, Digital Inclusion Support Officer, 100% Digital Leeds, Leeds Libraries. Sarah will share learning from our #techmumsClubs and Dementia Pathfinder with GoodThings Foundation. 

Giulia Carla Rossi: Digital Literature and Interactive Storytelling

We are excited to introduce Giulia Carla Rossi, Curator, Digital Publications at the British Library who will guide us through her passion for Digital Literature and Interactive Storytelling The British Library has been collecting examples of digital writing that make use of new technologies to create innovative and experimental stories. In this talk, Giulia will present the Emerging Formats project and the work the British Library is doing to collect and preserve these publications, by sharing examples of digital literature and the tools that are used to create them.

Leeds Libraries Collections Manager, Rhian Isaac will showcase some of Leeds Libraries most exciting collections and how you can use them to inspire your practice and audiences.

We also welcome Izzy Bartley, Digital Learning Officer from Leeds Museums and Galleries. Izzy will guide us through MyLearning and her role in making collections interactive and accessible.

Elvie Thompson and Andrea Varney: Discovering Children’s Books with The British Library

Earlier this year the British Library launched a new website for children, teachers and book lovers of all ages. Discovering Children’s Books features centuries of stories, poems and illustrations, and explores what makes them so special. Elvie and Andrea will talk about how the British Library is working to make its collection available to everyone digitally, and share the story of how the treasures of Discovering Children’s Books were researched, selected and interpreted online. 

Rachel Ingle-Teare, Children’s Librarian showcases Leeds Libraries #LibrariesFromHome resources 

Thoughts to Pixels: Blogging 101 with Pauline Narvas

A women in tech advocate, working closely with communities such as Code First: Girls, Women in Leeds Digital, Empowering Women with Tech and more! Blogging has boomed in popularity over the past couple of years with thousands of different bloggers converting their thoughts into pixels. But why? In this talk, I’ll be sharing the origins of my blogging story, why you should start a blog and how you can get started.

Jamie Hutchison from Studio12 discusses equipment and their brand new website.Theatre Online with Elvi Piper

Elvi has worked in theatres all over the country for over a decade (including The Old Vic, National Theatre, RSC and Leeds Playhouse) before founding family theatre company Wrongsemble in 2015. But these past 3 months have been the most challenging yet, as she’s swapped the rehearsal room for her front room. From choreographing a musical over Zoom, adapting a tour into a radio play, trying to launch an online youth programme for ages 13-25s, to Phoebe Waller-Bridge at the kitchen table – how do we translate live experiences into digital ones? And what does the future of theatre look like today?

Rachel Ingle-Teare, Children’s Librarian, talks about our exciting summer storytelling programme and theatre in Libraries.

Creating a Twitter persona with Megan Jones

Museum twitter has been through a renaissance in the last couple of years: we’re no longer shying away from creating personas, from storytelling, or from tweeting about really really big sheep. In this talk, Meg shares how Leeds Museums and Galleries turned around their tone of voice on social media and increased engagements, and will share the successes and trials along the way (with a special nod to the impact this job can have on mental health). Find out how to get buy in from colleagues, why Twitter-flirting between museums still counts as promoting the serious work of our organisations and, most importantly, how to make Harry Styles count as ‘work’.

Claire Duffield, Digital Engagement Librarian, showcases our current social media offer.

Chelsea Slater from InnovateHer

Chelsea has dedicated her work to achieve gender equality within the tech sector. Her direct experiences of inequality within her previous roles inspired her and business partner Jo to start InnovateHer, a social enterprise who are on a mission to “Get girls ready for the tech industry and the industry ready for girls”, educating and inspiring teenage girls to have careers in tech, whilst helping companies to be more inclusive. With her team, Chelsea plans to become a leading tech education provider across the U.K and beyond

 Dawn Stanley-Donaghy, Young Person Librarian talks us through Games groups.

How to Innovate without Reinventing the Wheel with Buttercrumble

If there was ever a time for businesses or freelancers to pivot, it was 2020. In terms of crisis, innovation is vital! However, with a pandemic, there can be a lot of pressure to try and save the world. Although, that would be nice. It’s just too much weight to carry on one pair of shoulders. What can you do to spark the imagination and make a difference? Creative studio, Buttercrumble, will share their insights into using creativity to transform your business (especially during turbulent times). This accessible presentation will equip you with twelve ways you can innovate without reinventing the wheel. You’ll gain a new-found motivation to create!

Sapphia Cunningham-Tate, community librarian, showcases #LeedsDropInAndDraw and some of the inspiration including The Gott Bequest Thanks to Archie the cat for his special appearance.

You can also find presentations from some of the talks here