Tens of thousands of adults in Leeds are offline or lack basic digital skills.

With many services now moving online it has never been more crucial for people to have the opportunity to access the digital world to help manage their money, health, housing, leisure and mental wellbeing.

100% Digital Leeds takes a furthest first approach – the most likely people to be digitally-excluded are those who have other challenges and factors making it more difficult for them to engage, such as disability, learning difficulties, poverty, homelessness, addiction, language barriers, long-term health conditions, social isolation, memory problems etc.

Leeds is a diverse and compassionate city with a fantastic 3rd sector full of charities and voluntary organisations doing amazing work to give support to those who need it.  100% Digital Leeds works with these organisations to help embed digital into what they already do, building their capacity to support the people they work with.

We know that helping people to become digitally included will bring wider social benefits. Improved digital skills help people be better informed, pay less for things, be more employable, feel more independent, be less isolated, and live better, easier, longer lives.

We want everyone to understand how digital can benefit them, be able to gain the skills they need to make the most of digital, and get connected.  We want 100% of people in Leeds to have opportunities to go online if they need to, and to know where they can go to get help.

We have various ways in which we do this, such as our award-winning Tablet Lending scheme, our Digital Champion training sessions, local network events and more.

We can give you the tools to help your service users take their first steps with digital. You know what your service users need and what motivates them, we can support you to form an approach to give them opportunities to get online and improve their lives.

We can’t do this alone: we need your help to fight the digital divide.  Please have a look round our site and get in touch if you have feedback, questions or ideas about how you could get involved.

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