Key initiatives

Some of our current workstreams

Community-based approach

100% Digital Leeds has developed our tried and tested cross-sector collaboration approach into a model for a community-based approach to digital inclusion.

Care settings

Working with care settings to support digital inclusion to improve outcomes for staff and residents.

Women and families

Working with partners across the city to reduce and remove barriers to digital inclusion for women and families.


A community-based approach to support digital inclusion for improved digital health outcomes, with Digital Health Hubs at the heart.

Older people

Working with the Older People’s Digital Inclusion Network to improve digital inclusion and participation for older people.

Academic research

Partnering with academic researchers on a range of projects to measure the impact of our work.

Tech sector support

Harnessing tech sector support to increase the capacity of community organisations, and supporting businesses to implement their Corporate Social Responsibility offers and learn from communities.


Digital Inclusion West Yorkshire

Building on the success of 100% Digital Leeds to create a digital inclusion programme that will help people and communities across the region, in partnership with West Yorkshire Combined Authority. 

Autism and learning disabilities

Working with the Autism and Learning Disabilities Digital Inclusion Network to help remove barriers to digital inclusion.

Financial resilience

Supporting those on low incomes to access digital tools and services for money management such as online banking, household budgeting, and debt management.

Previous initiatives

Arts and culture

Supporting digital inclusion and innovation in the arts and culture sector by sharing skills and learning, and fostering collaboration and partnership.

Working with Gypsy and Traveller communities

Working with Leeds GATE to increase digital inclusion and improve health and wellbeing outcomes with Gypsy and Traveller communities.

Digital inclusion toolkit

Creating a Toolkit to help other councils accelerate their digital inclusion programmes, funded by DLUHC as part of the Local Digital COVID-19 Challenge.

Reducing reoffending

Working with HMP Wealstun and other partners to improve the digital support offer available in prison and to prison leavers upon their release. 

SHIPS: Smart Health Inclusion Peer Advocates

Volunteers with lived experience are trained to support and enable patients experiencing digital exclusion and health inequalities to access the services they need to be able to self-manage their health and wellbeing.


People experiencing homelessness

Working with Leeds partners supporting people experiencing homelessness to explore, develop, and implement digital inclusion interventions that meet the needs of homeless communities.


Supporting the roll out of an NHS England funded digital solution to support people living with COPD, giving them the confidence, skills and, knowledge to self-manage their condition.