Consultation and workshops

100% Digital Leeds offers support and guidance to organisations working with digitally excluded people in the community. Our consultation process includes interactive digital inclusion workshops alongside ongoing conversations and support.

A consultation with us starts with an open discussion where we can get a better understanding of the needs, challenges, motivations, and aspirations of those who use your services. We will also find out how you work to help them.

Then we will use our expertise and experience of digital inclusion as an enabler that can improve outcomes for organisations and the people you support. Together, we will explore how your organisation can reduce and remove barriers to digital inclusion, put solutions in place, and develop a digital inclusion offer that works best for you and your communities.

As part of this process, we offer a range of support:

  • General digital inclusion awareness workshops.
  • Tailored digital inclusion workshops with a more audience-specific focus.
  • Introducing you to local and national partners and networks that can share best practice and help you develop your offer.
  • Connecting you to local and national resources and initiatives to help you achieve your ambitions and outcomes.
  • Finding funding and providing guidance when applying for grants.

What should I expect from a consultation with 100% Digital Leeds?

We are proud of our strong links with partners across many different sectors in the city, and we value their specialist knowledge. It is vital for us to learn more about the digital inclusion challenges faced by organisations and their service users. Understanding this lived experience informs the 100% Digital Leeds approach to digital inclusion.

A person-centred approach is at the heart of what we do. We will listen to and learn from you and make sure that people are at the centre of any workshops we develop and facilitate. We make sure that our interventions reflect your objectives and priorities.

Our consultation workshops are often the starting point for the ongoing relationships and partnerships between 100% Digital Leeds and teams, organisations, and settings across the city.

Workshop attendees will learn:

  • Why digital inclusion is so important.
  • To be aware of common barriers and digital exclusion issues affecting those you support.
  • What you can do to reduce barriers and increase digital participation for improved outcomes.
  • How to identify gaps and opportunities in your current offer.
  • How 100% Digital Leeds can help your organisation to build capacity and continue to support you at each stage of your digital inclusion journey.

Our workshops are always free for community organisations in Leeds.

Who can attend? How long do they last?

Anyone who is part of your organisation can attend, including staff members, trustees, and volunteers. We recommend including as many as possible in the workshops so that an understanding of digital inclusion is shared across all levels and not confined to those who deliver front-line services. Our workshops last 90 minutes and we encourage interaction and discussion throughout.

Where to start?

Fill in this contact form. One of the team will be in touch and we’ll have a chat.