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Free essential digital skills courses

Leeds Learning Hub

Leeds Adult Learning offers a range of first step courses for adults, including digital and IT courses. Courses take place across the city in a variety of different venues, though most are currently delivered virtually. Whether you are looking to learn a new skill, help your child or develop your skills to find work there will be a course for you. Many courses are free subject to personal circumstances.

Leeds City College Community Centres

Essential Digital Skills Entry Level 3 and Level 1

For applications and referrals please complete this short online form and staff will be in touch, or call into one of the following centres:

Joseph Priestley Centre
Burton Avenue
LS11 5ER  
Rothwell Centre
Marsh Street
LS26 0AE
Deacon House
Seacroft Avenue
LS14 6JD  

From September 2020 accredited courses are available FREE all to adults needing to learn and develop their digital skills, regardless of their financial situation. This 45 hour course will take you through the basics step by step to increase your confidence in using devices to access areas safely online.

The course covers the following units:

  • Using devices and handling information (includes how to store information)
  • Creating and editing including media, posters and documents
  • Communicating online (includes social media)
  • Transacting (buying) online activities
  • Being responsible, safe and legal online

There are morning, afternoon and evening workshops available at centres in Beeston, Rothwell and Seacroft, all with flexible starts so people can join at any time.

If you would like to find out more or refer someone to potentially join one of these classes please complete this short online form and staff will contact you/the leaner. Learners are also free to refer themselves if they are able. There is currently no telephone number available due to a technical issues.

Leeds Libraries

Leeds Libraries offer #Digital121 weekly digital drop-ins. For more information on locations, dates and times please call 0113 378 5005.

A new First Steps With Digital course for absolute beginners starts in January 2022. Over a course of three weekly sessions, Librarians will help you build your digital skills and confidence, show you how to stay safe online and use the internet to stay in touch and find information. More information on locations, dates and to book a place please call 0113 378 5005.