Upcoming events

Opening Up A New World: the importance of co-working and digital inclusion

Wednesday 7th July 2021, 10:30 – 11:30am via Zoom. Book free tickets via Eventbrite

Explore how to combine the values of coproduction with digital tools to open up the world’s possibilities. This workshop is hosted by 100% Digital Leeds and Pyramid of Arts and features the Involvement Team in the Learning Disability Service. Part of Leeds Co-production Week 2021

The New Different: Exploring Options for Delivering Services

Thursday 8th July 2021, 1 – 2.30pm via Zoom. Book free tickets via Eventbrite

Explore the benefits and challenges of working both digitally and face to face, including key things to consider around accessibility, and exploring ways to involve the people who use your services in decision making. This event is a partnership between Forum Central and 100% Digital Leeds. Part of Leeds Co-production Week 2021

Past events

Creative Digital Inclusion in Care Homes

Wednesday 19th May, 12-1pm, via Zoom.

This webinar showcased some of the ways Care Homes can use arts and creativity as a powerful hook to engage residents with digital. We shared practical approaches you can adopt and use in your setting. Providing residents with a fun and non-threatening way to engage with digital supports people to develop the skills and confidence needed to engage with wider services like Neighbourhood Networks digitally, reducing social isolation and improving wellbeing. Covid-19 and the reduction of face-to-face services has pushed forward the digital inclusion agenda. For those without digital skills, confidence, and connectivity, the move online has exacerbated exclusion. But for many of those with health, mobility, and other issues that might make it difficult for people to travel, having the option to engage with services digitally has opened up a world of opportunity, allowing them to connect with others and live independently.

“I was already isolated before the pandemic so to have these virtual sessions continue and to access them through the winter will be amazing, they’re a lifeline for me”.

Care Homes and arts organisations shared how they have supported residents to engage with digital, and how digital inclusion can be embedded within existing offers to continue the move towards a more digitally included Leeds in a post-Covid world.

To support the webinar Leeds Arts Health and Wellbeing Network has published a blog bringing together a few examples of creative ageing with attention to digital inclusion and care homes and good practice in Leeds. You can find the blog on their website.


LCC Care Delivery Service

Talking about how they have embedded digital inclusion throughout their services, inspiring residents to engage with digital and develop their skills and confidence so they can stay connected with friends and family, take part in virtual exercise classes, and engage with arts organisations.

Springfield Healthcare

Talking about how they have used creative pastimes such as reading and music to motivate residents to engage with tablets and voice assistive technology, developing the transferable skills needed to increase social connections digitally.

Leeds International Concert Season

Talking about how you and your residents can live-stream the popular Leeds lunchtime concert series via YouTube, from Leeds Town Hall straight in to your setting, all for free.

Lily Craig

Lily Craig is an Independent arts facilitator and certified Dementia Care Mapper. Her current work focuses on older adults who may be experiencing social isolation or loneliness and she’s designed and managed a number of projects in this field. She works regularly with Leeds Older People’s forum, The Performance Ensemble, Yorkshire Dance and Leeds Playhouse. She also runs her own older people creative company; ‘Fragments’.

100% Digital Leeds
Leeds Arts Health and Wellbeing Network

Leeds Arts Health and Wellbeing Network was launched in 2019 to enable different sectors to work together, supporting Leeds residents to enjoy fulfilling lives. Our aim is for arts and creativity to support Leeds’ ambitions to be a healthy city, where people who are the poorest improve their health the fastest.

Creativity and Wellbeing Week 2021

Creativity and Wellbeing Week celebrates the power of creativity and culture to transform our health and wellbeing.

Digital Health Hub Fund: briefing and Q+A

Wednesday 5th May, 1-2pm, via Zoom

100% Digital Leeds and Beeston and Middleton LCP are offering grants of £1,000 to £10,000 to support third sector organisations in the Beeston and Middleton Local Care Partnership area to become Digital Health Hubs.

This event is an opportunity for organisations interested in applying for the fund to find out more about the process and have any questions answered.

Information about the fund, including eligibility, application form, and full guidance, is available at

Leeds Digital Festival – Digital Inclusivity/Accessibility – Not Just a Tick Box

Thursday 29th April, 1-2pm, via Zoom

In ‘Digital Inclusion & Accessibility: Not Just a Tick box’, 100% Digital Leeds & ASDA will explore the importance of organisation’s making their digital spaces inclusive, and consider how improving accessibility can help further company strategy.

Online arts and culture for health and wellbeing: lunchtime webinar series

Leeds Arts Health and Wellbeing Network and 100% Digital Leeds are working in partnership to deliver a series of lunchtime webinars promoting the benefits of online arts and culture resources both as a tool for improving health and wellbeing and as a motivator for those lacking digital confidence to engage with the online world.

Each of the three webinars will showcase a range of simple, accessible, and fun ways for people to engage with arts and culture digitally, from home. The websites, apps, and online events that we share will be suitable for a range of audiences, including older people, those likely to be suffering from the effects of isolation, and those with low digital skills and confidence. We will cover a range of artforms and ways to be creative, from drawing to dance.

Resource List

Leeds Arts Health and Wellbeing Network curated a list of useful tools and resources to sit alongside this webinar series. This is a great signposting tool bringing together a wider variety of local tools as well as some national ones. 

To further explore Leeds art and culture and find out more about what’s on across the city visit Leeds Inspired.

Online arts and culture for health and wellbeing: tools for individuals 

Wed 13th Jan, 12.30 – 1pm, via Zoom

This free 30 minute webinar, in partnership with Leeds Art Health Wellbeing Network showcased a range of engaging and accessible online tools that people can use to explore the arts independently in their own homes. We will highlight resources from organisations in Leeds and further afield that support people to be creative, enjoy being physically active, practice mindfulness, and experience all the benefits of engaging with arts and culture. We will give practical hints and tips on how people can access free and affordable content from home including streamed performances, podcasts, eBooks, and creative courses.

Online arts and culture for health and wellbeing: connecting with others

Wed 20th Jan, 12.30 – 1pm, via Zoom

This free 30 minute webinar will showcase the variety of engaging and accessible ways people can come together digitally to explore the arts socially and as part of an online community. We will highlight a range of online groups, classes, events, and other digital tools and spaces where people can engage with the arts communally and connect with like-minded people.

Online arts and culture for health and wellbeing: tools for groups 

Wed 27th Jan, 12.30 – 1pm, via Zoom

This free 30 minute webinar will showcase the variety of engaging and accessible ways existing groups can explore digital arts and culture together. This session is ideal for anyone facilitating online groups and meet-ups who would like practical hints and tips on how to bring arts and culture into your meeting.

Digital Inclusion Toolkit Launch

Friday 11th December 2020, 11am – 12noon, via Zoom

As covid-19 has forced a reduction in face-to-face services, residents are relying on digital channels more than ever before. However, digitally excluded residents face being even more cut off from vital support services if they don’t have the digital skills, motivation, equipment or connectivity.

Leeds City Council’s 100% Digital Leeds team have been working with Croydon Council, AgeUK Croydon, and TechResort to create a guide to developing and delivering projects and programmes that increase digital inclusion among residents.

This project was funded through the Local Digital C-19 Challenge fund. The online toolkit draws on numerous years of experience from across the project partners, and makes it easily available in one place. It will be of interest to those working in digital skills and inclusion (both council and VCS staff), digital teams, and community engagement professionals.

This event will showcase the newly launched toolkit, and give information on how other local councils and organisations engaged in digital inclusion activity can contribute to expanding its content.

Beeston & Middleton: working together to tackle digital exclusion and health inequalities locally

Watch the recording with captions on YouTube

Wednesday 11th November, 1 – 1.30pm, via Zoom

A call for potential partners from all sectors, working or delivering in Beeston, Middleton, Holbeck, Hunslet, and Belle Isle.


Join 100% Digital Leeds to find out how we can work together to support people in Beeston, Middleton, Holbeck, Hunslet, and Belle Isle to make the most of digital and have better access to health services.


Covid 19 has changed the way people can access health and care services. Face to face meetings with healthcare staff have been dramatically reduced and many services have moved online. Some people may be unable or reluctant to engage with healthcare services digitally – such as speaking to their GP over video, using apps to help manage their long term conditions, or booking appointments online – and this is increasing health inequalities. We can work together to change this.


If you work in this area with adults who would struggle to get online and access health services for whatever reason, join us for a short lunchtime webinar to find out how we can work together to improve digital inclusion and access to healthcare.

The project

100% Digital Leeds is working with the Beeston and Middleton Local Care Partnerships to develop and test a place based model for improving digital skills and access to help people better engage with health and care services using digital means. Learning from the development and implementation of this model will inform the future development of digital health and care services to ensure they are inclusive across Leeds.

This webinar will take place virtually. Details will be sent to attendees on the morning of Wednesday 11th November.

Supporting basic digital skills remotely: a knowledge share

The pandemic has seen an increased number of essential services move to online delivery, widening inequalities and emphasising the need for improved digitally inclusion. As face-to-face interactions have been limited the challenge of offering basic digital skills support to those with the biggest barriers to digital inclusion has been made even more complex. Organisations are faced with the problem of how to remotely support learners, often struggling to utilise digital solutions with people who have minimal digital skills and confidence. Often the organisations themselves are going through their own digital inclusion journey, along with their staff and volunteers.

This event brings together three organisations experienced in delivering basic digital skills support remotely to share their skills and knowledge. Attendees will be introduced to practical approaches to remote digital skills support, tried and tested with a number of audiences with a range of needs, including disabilities and language barriers.

100% Digital Leeds will be joined by AbilityNet, The Tech Ladder, and Digital Communities Wales.