100% Digital Leeds: Digital Inclusion Fund

Apply to the 100% Digital Leeds: Digital Inclusion Fund.

100% Digital Leeds – Digital Inclusion Grant application guidance

Introduction to the fund

We are offering grants of £1,000 to £10,000 to help overcome any barriers to digital inclusion that your organisation faces, such as buying equipment, hiring tutors, and paying for connectivity. We have £100,000 available to help third sector organisations working with hard to reach groups across Leeds to embed digital inclusion activity into their future delivery.

For more detail and wider context read Powering up the Leeds Economy through Digital Inclusion

What we want to do

Thousands of adults in Leeds lack basic digital skills. A lack of digital skills can have a huge negative impact on a person’s life, and it’s those who are already at a disadvantage – through age, income, disability, unemployment, or education – that are most likely to be digitally excluded.

We know that helping people to become digitally included will bring wider social benefits. Improved digital skills help people be better informed, pay less for things, be more employable, feel more independent, be less isolated, and live better, easier, longer lives.

We want everyone to understand how digital would benefit them, be able to gain the skills they need to make the most of digital, and get connected.

Partnering with the third sector

The 100% Digital Leeds team know that we can’t reach all of these people ourselves and we understand the value of the third sector in connecting with the hardest to reach citizens of Leeds. We are working to support third sector organisations embed digital inclusion activity into their core service.

We’re already doing this with our Tablet Lending Scheme and our Digital Champions Scheme, which help organisations build their digital skills and confidence and gives them the freedom to pilot new approaches to digital inclusion that best suit their service users. Find out how organisations have already benefited by looking at our Impact.

The Digital Inclusion Fund will help organisations take the next step by allowing them to overcome any barriers currently stopping them embedding digital inclusion activity into their future delivery. We take a furthest first approach

Who should apply

We would like to see applications from third sector organisations who are:

  • Facing a barrier to delivering digital inclusion activity
  • Committed to embedding digital inclusion activity into their future offer
  • Supporting our target audience (see application form for details)
  • Delivering activity in our target wards (see application form for details)
  • Committed to helping people to develop their basic digital skills

How to apply

Please ensure that you have read the application guidance before applying.

Please complete our Google form. You must answer all questions marked with an asterisk in order to submit the form.

Applications open 7th May 2019 and close 17th June 2019.

If you are unsure about any part of this process please contact the 100% Digital Leeds team.