Accessible video CV guide

Our Autism and Learning Disabilities Digital Inclusion Coordinator, has been working with members of the Autism and Learning Disability Digital Inclusion Network to look at ways that digital technologies can be used to make employment more accessible for people with learning disabilities. This accessible video CV guide is a collaboration between 100% Digital Leeds and Learning Disabilities team at Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (LYPFT) .

Shaun Webster MBE, from Learning Disabilities team at LYPFT, explained that he secured his job in the team by submitting a video CV. This was much simpler for him than completing a written CV or application form. Shaun feels passionately that by accepting video CVs, employers can empower people with learning disabilities, and those who struggle to read and write, to apply for positions.

There are very few accessible guides online to making a video CV or an application form which could be used to support people with learning disabilities to create their own video CV so we wanted to co-produce a video guide which is simple and straightforward to use without a lot of expensive equipment or specialist knowledge.

The guide can be used with groups in sessions or on a one-to-one basis, if you are supporting a person with a learning disability to get into employment. It is also designed to be straightforward enough so that many people with learning disabilities will be able to use the guide independently.